Be the LOVE this Valentines Day

Last year I wrote about a very special tradition my husband and I established on Valentines day when we were dating. We would take that day to not focus on ourselves and our love but on how we could communicate love to others. It was always such a huge blessing to us and made that holiday something to look forward to every year. Even though my husband is now with the Lord, this is still a treasured tradition in our home and one I pass down to my three little boys.

This year I wanted to take time to encourage you and your family to start a new tradition as a family to be the love to someone in need. What a wonderful opportunity we have to remind someone on this tender day that the Lord loves them, they are valued, cherished and not forgotten.

So on this Valentines Day join me in being part of the Be the Love campaign to love on a hurting heart that needs to be reminded of the great love the Lord has for them. You will never know just how much of an impact you can have on a life just by reminding them they are not alone. Please feel free to share in the comments some practically ways and ideas you have to encourage some lonely hearts this valentines day.


Lets #bethelove this year!


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  1. My husband and I are looking forward to showering our daughter, my Mother, and my Aunt with love, and attention this Valentine’s Day! Both my Father, and my Uncle are with Jesus now, so the day is a bit tender in respect to missing our loved ones. Especially for my mother, who would have celebrated her 41st anniversary this Valentine’s Day. We focus the love on our family, instead of just inwardly on ourselves. I am excited to present the small gifts and cards we have purchased, and to tell these incredible women of God just how much I love and adore them…not just on 2/14, but every day of the year! Jesus loves us all day, every day, without fail. We should do the same for our families, and celebrate Valentine’s Day all year long! There truly is no greater love than the one our Father has for us, and the one we share with our families.

  2. I love this! My neighbor is an elderly man and a recent widower. I think my kids and I will make something special for him this year! I would never have even thought to do it, had I not read your post. Thank you

  3. This year marks the 5th Anniversary of my daughter’s best friends passing. She was 14 yrs old and her funeral was on February 14th. My daughter is a freshman in college in TN, and this will be the first year, since Taylor’s passing that she won’t be home. So her daddy will be making a trip to surprise her at school. He is also taking 38 red roses, one for each girl on her dorm floor, with a note that says “you are all worthy of your Father’s love”.

  4. I love that Erin! Thank you so much for sharing! And I agree all throughout the year to remind them they aren’t alone. Your family is SO blessed to have you as theirs! Blessings to you girl!

  5. Will be taking the boys to an assisted living home with a couple other friends and their little ones, and delivering hand-made cards. Praying for some gospel opportunities!

  6. My sons and I are going to get Valentines Cards and chocolates for some Widows in our church. The Lord gave that to me a few weeks ago and we’re going to give them out on Sunday.

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