A New Valentine’s Day Tradition

One of my favorite memories with Patrick was our first Valentine’s Day together. We decided that instead of spending the day all about us we would create a tradition to spend Valentine’s Day on others. We prayed about what to do and decided we would love on the widows, orphans and the hurting. We called our church and were given some names of some precious widows, a foster child, a lonely older lady who lived by herself, and an older couple where the husband was caring for his ailing wife. We mapped out the whole night,called to make appointments in advance, and on Valentine’s day we shopped for beautiful  flowers, cards, and some yummy treats and headed out. We enjoyed thoroughly visiting with each person as they shared their heart, opened their goodies, and we prayed with them. It was SO MUCH FUN! We met some amazing people that our paths never would have crossed unless we had purposed to reach out.

Another year, we were able to reach out to and love on some older widows, some divorcees, and some single ladies who were still waiting for “the one” the Lord had for them. Our desire was to create this as a family tradition to teach our children to be sensitive of those who are hurting around us or just need some encouragement.

When my husband passed away, some how, several people found out about our Valentine’s Day tradition. How encouraging to hear that other families have decided to start this tradition with their families as a way to teach their children how to refocus Valentine’s day. What an amazing gift!

We have personally been the recipients of the hands and feet of Jesus these past months and are ever so grateful for the healing it has provided to our hearts. Below are some ideas of intentional blessings that we have used on Valentine’s Day and others have comforted our family with these past months.

Please share your ideas that can be added to this list so we can join together as the body of Christ to encourage others.

*Deliver a coffee to a single friend with a sweet note of encouragement and love.

*Take flowers to someone to brighten their day along with a sweet verse & note.

*Bring a meal to a family that is hurting.

*Drop off some special treats to a family who recently had a divorce (think snacks, breakfast food, muffins, toys, etc…).

*Buy a gift or a meaningful book/cd  for someone that could use encouragement and deliver  with a sweet note.

*Make homemade cards with affirmation from scripture that expresses the love that God lavishes on us and make a list of God’s promises.

*Drop off a gift card to a family who is hurting financially and encourage them to take a night off of the stress and take time to invest in their marriage.

*Pray and ask the Lord to lead and guide you to what you are supposed to do. The Holy Spirit is our helper in all things and will show you what the most meaningful thing to that person will be.

Remember, this is truly how the Lord uses the body of Christ….to be the hands and feet of Jesus to demonstrate His amazing love in tangible ways.

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  1. I am so very inspired by your and Patrick’s way of celebrating Valentine’s Day! This holiday was never really celebrated by my husband and myself even though we always remembered our children and now grandchildren. This year I’m so excited to follow your tradition and will definitely remember you and Patrick as I do so – thank you for sharing and may God bless and comfort you.

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  2. This tradition is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us about it.

    Another idea of a way to give might be to give them an experience and share it with them…ex. Movie passes, out to dinner, attend a play.

    Wishing you lots of love and peace this season.
    LA Hainline

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  3. You guys blow my mind! You and your story are such a blessing to my life. I am encouraged with every entry. I follow Francesca Batistelli on IG and that’s where I heard your story. I am so grateful she reached out to her fans for you and your situation. I’m sure I’m not the only who has been touched and I could even say changed by it. I’ve gained such amazing perspective through you. Prayers for you, Brittany, and your sweet little babes:)

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  4. What a sweet & loving tradition. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so encouraged & inspired by your shift in perspective for Valentine’s Day. This February is going to look different for us because of your story.

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  5. What an amazing idea, Brittany! I was going through one of my boxes of notes and cards the other day and found dozens of hand-written notes of encouragement from you! They are priceless to me and I will cherish them forever. Thank you that even in your time of grieving you are challenging OTHERS to be shining lights!! You are in my prayers daily. Love you!!

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  6. David and I heard about this tradition when my mom shared of you visiting with a sweet widow friend of hers several years ago. We had already discussed and decided before Patrick’s memorial service that this would be something we would be beginning ourselves in honor of Patrick and the investments you made as a couple. We are so excited to see you sharing it as a challenge to others and to be a part of the team spreading real love this Valentine’s Day. What an encouragement, even in this season of your heartache, to see yet another way God is using your family to reach out and multiply ministering His love to others! Love you sweet girl! Patti

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      What a joy to read this! So grateful that your family is loving on the hurting. Praying many people feel the love of our sweet Father through His people. Love you so much!

  7. Brittany,
    We love because He first loved us…Thank you for sharing your story and for sharing this perspective on a day that can be so painful for so many others. We love you and pray for you and the boys daily. ~Lynette

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  8. Brittany, I just love this tradition and would like to send cards out this year to those who have lost thier spouses to passing and separation. Is there a list of names through the Patrick Price Foundation?
    Keeping you and your family in prayer!

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      Mary, thank you so much for your prayers! You are a blessing! We are just referring people to their local church or community (like nursing homes, neighborhood etc) to contact to find those who need encouragement.

  9. Thank you for your kindness, Brittany. You leave a trail of encouragement wherever you go!
    Thank you for the awesome advice!
    God be with you and may He wrap His comforting arms around you every day.

  10. Today, I took my four and six year old to deliver a blanket from a widow’s ministry started by Lori Apon. My children were able to meet a sweet lady, give her treats, and a beautiful blanket. She was thrilled, and my children loved being a part of this sweet experience. Had I not read about your and Patrick’s beautiful tradition, I would have never thought to do this. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. Today, I posted your tradition on my FB page, and challenged others to reach out, as well. As of a few hours ago, several have stepped up, and asked how they can help. Thank you so much for sharing His love with others. Because of both of you, my home, and community is a better place.

    Many Blessings,

    Paige Bivens

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      Paige, Thank you so much for sharing that with me! What a blessing it is to hear. Praying many hurting hearts are reminded of he love of Jesus as a result. What a great thing for your children to be a part of as well. Grateful for you sharing!

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  12. Your first Valentine’s Day without your earthly husband landed on a Sunday. I think to remind you to focus on your spiritual husband so you understand you are not destitute.

    I hope this holiday you are okay.

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