What Are Birthdays In Heaven Like?

Sometimes on days like today, I allow myself to sit and wonder. Tracing my thoughts to what feels like a little string attaching to my heart and heaven. On earth, it’s the day of your birth, the day your precious mother went through the hard labor to get one of the most incredible gifts, in my opinion, the world would know – your life. Do you know it’s your birthday today? Can you see us trying our best to figure out how to celebrate you and your life when it’s seems like the fog of death can dim out the sunshine of the meaning of this day. Do you see us wondering wether we should get a cake? Do we sing happy birthday? Do we have balloons? And yet we slump and think who would blow out the candles? Who would smile with warm affections at us singing in harmony.

What are birthdays like in heaven? Do you know it’s this very day? Can you see us over here in a mixture of fond memories bringing about laughter and also the reminder of what is not here bringing us to tears? It’s a paradox, a crazy thing that I can’t quite figure out. All I know is that this will always be a day of celebration and we always rejoice in life.

Your life was well lived and the candles of your legacy have not blown out. I don’t know what you are experiencing today but I imagine it to be the most peaceful, joy filled day with the Almighty, absolutely perfect because our King only does things that way for His children. You are experiencing the greatest presents, because you are face to face with the Rewarded Himself. You are tasting the greatest things as your very essence can literal taste and see that He is good. You are beholding beauty far beyond balloons and ribbons -the One whom made beauty and every good and perfect thing is before you. You are hearing a sound greater than a song I could ever sing you, the songs of those who have gone before us who are worshiping together at the throne of God, giving all the glory due to His name.

This is your best birthday, heaven is the best prize, and Gods glory the greatest view. I know you are taking it all in, and for that I find such great comfort. Thanks for letting me wonder, can’t wait to see for myself. Until then on this day I will eat that slice of chocolate delight and think fondly of your life well-lived and always remembered.

Happy 34th birthday Patrick!

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  1. I’m not certain if you’ve already seen this; but it’s too good not to share. You and your readers may connect with the story/topic discussed.
    Praying it meets someone right where they are.

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