Things learned through Motherhood

1. You know your baby better than that parenting book does.

2. Comparison is sin- it promotes jealousy, pride, greed and discontentment.

3. Your family IS your ministry. Just because you aren’t leading a bible study doesn’t mean you aren’t doing ministry, you are learning to live it out in this season.

4. Have a teachable heart ALWAYS- ask for wisdom, seek it out, cry out for understanding and advice.

5. Do whats best for YOUR family, not whats best for others. You are the one who gives account before the Lord for your family, not others.

6. Be grateful for the small and big things! Gratefulness will breed contentment with what we have and what season we are in.

7. You are NOT the only one going through your difficultly. There are others.

8. Encourage others. We all need encouragement especially during the survivial months 😉

9. Put the phone down and savor this season.

10. Remember that you fell in love with your husband first, make sure you are taking care of his needs and encouraging him. That load of laundry can wait if he wants to enjoy being with you, enjoy your best friend.

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