The Road Between Joy and Sorrow

The road between sorrow and joy is well worn in our home. The vehicle of our hearts go back and forth on that well traveled plain full of bumps, valleys, beauty and streams in the desert. Enjoying what’s here but remembering what had to be missing to bring us here. There is a hole that is always missing, a place in all of us that cannot be filled. A reminder of what was and what is never to be again. A place where the memory of death always stings, where the scent of the memories linger longer and at times feels like it’s all too much for a heart to handle. We can experience joys and yet still feel the deep sorrow, we can celebrate and still mourn. Human hearts are peculiar things that always have room for expanding for more love and experience more sadness. We may never understand why our journeys are marked out in such a terrain of emotions but we can know that the Shepherd leads well throughout the streams and the deserts. He holds us when we cry and whispers His promises as He carries us through reminding our weary hearts that this is where He is leading us and we won’t walk it alone no matter how difficult it may look. The daunting task of this heavy life is nothing for the One who holds the world in His hands. Our hearts are His priority, our journey His road and heaven our final destination.

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  1. Hi Brittany, first congratulations on your new marriage. Am always encouraged reading something of your blog or even Instagram. You are such an inspiration to many of us and I pray that God continues watching over your big family now in your road between joy and sorrow. Much blessings

      1. I saw you at the Pinky Promise Conference this year and I was so blessed by your story. I thank you so much for sharing it. Your love and reverence for the Lord truly emanates from the page. Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing the Lord to still get the Glory from this situation. Your trust in God speaks volumes to me and challenges me to trust Him more.

  2. Brittany, Your writings are absolutely amazing as your words flow from your heart and the true feelings you gracefully share and embrace. These words must ring true for both you and Daniel. God’s plans are to be trusted as He knows what is best. I know you already know that first hand. Blessings upon your children and marriage as you move forward with Jesus at the head of your table. Your sharing blesses us all to be encouraged and remembering to always put Jesus first. Because of finding your site and journey I am becoming a better person within and keeping Jesus as the Captain steering my ship. Something I needed in my life desperately.

  3. Brittany you are so transparent. I’m in awe of how you can articulate your feelings. Praying for you sweet friend as you experience the “bitter” and the “sweet” of life, death and new beginnings….all while marching forward with your hope in the Lord. Hang in there!

  4. “A reminder of what was and what is never to be again.”

    I have been thinking about this exact thing but in relation to my son, my only child, going off to college last week. I too have been going through a grieving process.

    Enjoy every moment of every day because it truly does go by so fast. And if you meet a Mom or Dad of a student who has recently left for college, know that they too may be having a really hard time and give them a hug!

    Hugs to you Brittany for sharing and for all that you do for your family!

  5. Hi Brittany! I’m Carrie Willard, also a blogging mom (of 7). Joanne Livingston told me about you and thought we should connect. I enjoyed reading your story so much. While I haven’t experienced widowhood, I have gone through divorce and the death of young dreams, and remarriage and blending a family. I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂

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