But It’s working for us 

Every family has its own strengths, weaknesses, things it considers important and things that are on the back burner. 

For example, mopping the floor every 2 weeks may be absolutely disgusting for some people to imagine but for us in this season, it’s working for us. 

Eating a bunch of snacky type food for lunch may not seem like a balanced meal to some or not healthy enough to others but for us it’s working. And hey, some days it’s even more simple than that. Ever heard of jam bread? (Whole wheat bread with coconut oil & jam.) You’re welcome 😉 

You may spend less time making food or organizing and more time coloring or watching an educational show snuggled up with your babies, and that is working for you.

We all have what works for our families in our specific seasons and times, and that is good enough. My house may not be immaculate and I may not be making the most delicious elaborate paleo meals but right now simple is working for us. 

Don’t feel guilty from the pressure or expectation we can all put on ourself to be like others or have every part of our lives together. Enjoy the freedom with your family, doing what works best for you, and let other things go. Not everything can be Pinterest perfect…some of us got to sleep 😉 

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  1. This was very encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing this. And two weeks between mopping sessions sounds like you’re doing great, to me! I will leave my own mopping schedule unsaid, haha. :-p

    1. Thank you sweet friend! There are times it goes longer than that but will two little messy boys who love watermelons & grimy things we have to or the ants come marching two by two hooray haha love you sweet friend!

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