Women – We are a team

Let me just share with you a little about my friends. You see, one of them is a famous singer, one is a model, one is an incredible designer, one is extremely creative and gifted with her hands, one is an amazing cook, one is just the most gracious and thoughtful person, one is an amazing encourager, another loves makeup & all beauty things & looks like she walked out of a magazine at all times, one is a health nut and encourages us all to do our best in that area, one runs a lot and is in super good shape, another challenges me in the way she genuinely loves Jesus even in survival months, one’s respect and support for her husband is a blessing to see, another is a talented photographer, another is gifted in words, one is so organized it’s amazing, one of them looks like she should have her own HGTV program……….

You get my drift! I know some amazing and gifted women. What’s incredible is each of us does things differently. We run our homes and use our time, our energy and treasures in various ways. We look, act, cook, parent, and do so many things totally differently. And that is a beautiful thing! What if we all did things the same? If all our houses looked the same? If everyone had the gift of design and no one had the gift of hospitality or cooking that complements design? If everyone dressed the same? If all our kids learned the same things? BORING. God is so incredible how He has given each of us women a gift, a talent, or a passion to use. We complement each other when we don’t compete or compare in our gifting but as we see each other in the way God has uniquely designed us.

So next time you are looking through Instagram and say, “wow her house looks amazing!” or “look at that gourmet meal they are having,”… instead of thinking how your house is in shambles or how you’re eating eggs again for dinner, appreciate the beauty in the expression of their gifts and thank God for the way you were able to use your gifting that day! πŸ™‚ and yes everyone has a gift!

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  1. Gorgeous. I’m so happy I read this. I love your uplifting attitude. Women will read this and smile. Hopefully men will read this and say, “Damn! She’s right! Women are amazing! Let me go cook for all the women in my life! And rub their feet! And buy them Starbucks!” πŸ™‚

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