What she really wants for Mothers Day

1. Sleep. Yep, it’s free and it’s meaningful. Wake up early with the kids, feed them breakfast and let her enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Or if she wakes up early anyways give her time alone for an hour where she can drink her coffee in peace and while it’s still hot πŸ˜‰ 

2. A break from cooking.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a rotisserie chicken from Costco, a couple cans of green beans and a baked potato. She would LOVE a break from feeding the family. Don’t worry about making it fancy or expensive just bless her with food she doesn’t have to cook or clean up after. If budget allows and it’s easier, than dinner out or take out is great too. 

3. A clean house. Also free but very meaningful. Take time to serve her by cleaning the house. If unable to clean the whole house pick a couple chores you know aren’t her favorite and focus on that; for example mopping the floors or cleaning the bathrooms.

4. A meaningful note. Don’t buy a $5 card and just sign your name, because anyone can do that. A well thought out and hand written card is a SCORE every time. Her main love language may not be words of affirmation but EVERY single woman needs to be affirmed in her role and the job she is doing in mothering her children.

5. A project. Is there something she has really wanted to get done? Like cleaning out the pantry, organizing the garage, having her car cleaned out, switching the kids clothes out? Offer to help tackle it and take it off her plate. 

Hope this helps you guys. It’s the thought that counts and the sweet effort put in, not the amount of money spent. Anyone can buy chocolate but not everyone can bless tremendously with thoughtful acts of kindness to pamper. She will be blown away by the way you remember and cherish her on this day.


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  1. All of these are totally on point, I love the cooking and project idea. I’m always thinking of projects I’d love to do but just don’t have the spare time for πŸ™‚ thanks!

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