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“Wow! You have your hands full!” Random strangers say this to me all the time and I reply with a smile, “yes I do, full of many blessings.” Having two babies under two has been such a sanctifying and joyful journey. I thought I would share some of it with you.

When you have two under two you might……..


Have a baby that’s announcing a baby 🙂IMG_1791


You might find the older one bringing the “baby” real food because he thinks milk is not enough. (Real food meaning a raw potato, food bars, and other snacks we found around the newborn).


You might notice the baby is getting his teeth brushed with YOUR tooth brush before he is even thinking of getting teeth.



You might have to make the decision daily on who to respond to first when needing diaper changes or food, and “one minute sweetie” becomes your staple phrase.


You might watch the toddler take his gross hands and pick up the paci and put it in the baby’s mouth, and you encourage him in his kindness and try to forget about the germs.

You might have a crawler and a newborn at the same time.


You might hear the baby crying hard & then all of a sudden quiet and realize the toddler ran to go and hold his hand and make sure his baby was OK.

You might have your heart melt when you hear “baby night night” and then a couple minutes later a happy squeal as he hears a baby coo and runs in to climb up the crib to make his baby smile.

You might hear the toddler boss around the baby saying “no no” and take a toy away. (I told him to be kind and then he responded and said the same “no no” but with the highest and sweetest voice).

You might find that one wants to read his little bible and the other wants to eat it, taking a hunger for God’s word to a whole new level.

You might find that the baby’s first food is a muffin stuffed in his mouth by his brother.

You might find out that your baby can drink a straw cup when he is guzzling his brothers water with some help


You might find that the baby gets covered up a little too much….

You might find big brother showing baby the “mommy daddy book” (a.k.a. our wedding book) and telling him each family member’s name.
You might turn your head for a second and see the toddler choking, I mean spoon feeding, the baby and food is everywhere.
You might find that you can put the baby in the toddler’s clothes and they kind of fit…
You might experience many successful photo ops…  😉
You might watch as you see the toddler take a napkin and wipe off the baby’s face as he saw you do so many times. (Speaking of this, one time I had been folding my white laundry and the baby spit up so I went to go get a burp cloth and came back to find the toddler had taken my white shirt and wiped his baby up and was so proud of himself for finding the “burp cloth.”)
You might find that some playing has been one-sided enjoyment 
You might arrive somewhere and stay in the car so both babies can get a nap in.
You might find that the toddler brings out “baby’s toys” every morning for him to play with and picks them up for him each night.

You might notice that dinner time is a crazy time of day.IMG_3119.JPGAnd you’ll certainly have moments like this that make tears well up in your eyes as you thank God for the tremendous gift it is to be a mother of precious babies.IMG_2287

I thank the Lord for all He is teaching me through this sweet season. I hope you enjoyed!



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  1. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to read. I’m currently a very proud mama to a 8 month old and expecting baby #2 in June. With only 15 months apart, I’ve been a feeling blessed/nervous/terrified. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fear inducing blogs out there about 2 under 2. And, over the last week I think I’ve read them all! Thank you for sharing the joy and happiness that two little ones bring. Truly the greatest gift God gives. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Jenn, thank you for your comment. I’m so thankful you found this blog and were encouraged. What an amazing gift 2 sweet babies are, and you are going to be amazing at it! The first 4 months are a time of transition for sure but then you will be in a routine and won’t remember life any differently. Get ready for your heart to melt all the time 🙂
      .Just lifted you up in prayer! I remember how tough those pregnancy days are and dealing with a baby, but girl you can do it! Thanks for stopping by and blessing to you and your precious family!

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