True love

Photo credit to the amazing Joy Wilson photography

Photo credit to the amazing Joy Wilson photography

True love is sacrifice. It’s selfless, it’s giving and it’s pure. It serves with a joyful spirit desires nothing in return. It maintains, is intentional and pursues whole heartily.

It’s not the kind that writes love notes daily or constant outpouring of material gifts and sweet dripping words.

It’s actions.

It’s coming home after a long day of work and kissing your wife and getting on the floor to play with your kids.

It’s changing the diapers on the weekend so your wife gets a break.

It’s being intentional to pursue your wife in all areas and know what’s going on in her heart.

It’s cleaning up the kitchen, even when you have a thousand other things you could be doing.

It’s not just saying you are going to be faithful to your wife, it’s not looking twice, it’s guarding your mind and saving your thoughts for only her.

It’s actions.

It’s telling her how beautiful she is inside and out and how you love her heart the best of all.

It’s being attracted and pursuing her in all seasons with her child bearing body.

It’s giving up sleep and me time to seek God more for wisdom to guide your family.

It’s doing the laundry so she can rest.

It’s spending time investing eternal principals in the lives of your children.

It’s loving God more than you love anything.

That is LOVE.

There is lots of talk of love and romance out there, but I am beyond grateful for my true love. He is consistent, loving, selfless and displays it in all he does. He lives out what he believes and sacrificially loves in the process. He was worth every moment of praying and waiting.

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