Treasuring Christ when your hands are full- Book review

Treasuring Christ When your Hands are full

I posted earlier this week about my desire to start writing about the books I am reading as a way of accountability. So here goes the first one.

Treasuring Christ when your hands are full” was a book that I received in the mail from my precious friend Kayla. It came at such a perfect time to remind me that through all the exhaustion and long but precious days there is a greater purpose in motherhood. This is a small book that is packed with deep theology pointing us to the gospel and truth in this journey of motherhood. I feel like this is a book I need to read several times just so I can comprehend it to the fullest capacity and also to continually remind myself to have a gospel-centered mindset daily. Gloria Furman is the writer of this book and did a great job pointing the reader to Christ and what He did on the cross. No matter what our days are like we have good news, and that is that Jesus died to take away the sins of the world and rose again and lives so that we may be justified by faith in Him. I hope every mom reminds herself that life is more than motherhood and that the gospel is pivotal to every area of our lives.


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