The moments that matter

I had a dream the other night and when I woke up I felt like the Lord had given me a much needed fresh perspective.

In my dream I was an actress working on a big film. I kept up with my family with pictures because I was on location for filming. I had it all together on the outside and in my dream I looked amazing, was fit, had the perfect make-up, cutest clothes and everyone was a big fan of mine.

Then I received a picture. It was of my husband snuggled up to our little baby. My heart sank and I was restless. I had it all together on the outside but was missing out on what mattered the most at home. There was a precious life growing quickly who wouldn’t even know me and there was a kind loving husband who was making all the memories and caring and taking care of the children. Then the dream was over. 

 I woke up with sadness, overwhelmed with those feelings. How many times have I wished to have it all together, to look a certain way, to be recognized? Yet I was reminded again that it’s all empty and all in vain. What matters is the moments that make up my day. The exhausting and weary days when I don’t have a chance to change into “real” clothes because I was up all night rocking my sick baby and he doesn’t want anyone but mama. The moments when our kitchen is a disaster and we leave it all to read a book about how God sees us in our messes and because of Jesus sees us as perfect. The months and years of a far from perfect body because I am growing a human soul, and then nurturing them. 

The exhausting days that seem so long, full of messes, songs, spills, whining and moments that I have an opportunity to train up my children in truth even though I’m so weary and need to speak truth to  myself. 

These are the moments that matter. One day when I stand before the Lord I am not going to be held accountable for my make up or my put-togetherness but how I managed the moments I was given for His glory. That’s what matters for eternity.

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