Stressful Sundays

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Am I the only mom who sometimes dreads Sunday mornings? It can be the most stressful morning of the whole week and if we don’t go into it prepared we can be one frazzled family showing up to church. From the unexpected nightly feedings which call for extra exhaustion, to our “alarm clocks”–a.k.a. babies–unexpectedly sleeping in, to blow outs, to oatmeal in the hair and losing the keys (yes, that happened the other day), it can be a crazy time for us.

One thing we have tried to do is to have the diaper bag packed and put in the car, outfits picked out, coffee put on, cereal bowls out–and anything else we can think of that will help the morning go smoothly–done the night before. But even still we often end up running around, which can cause us to get easily frustrated and to not have a heart of worship when we show up to church.

One thing I am learning and being more convicted of each day is what worship really is.  It’s not just on Sunday morning when I am singing in church. It can be the couple of hours beforehand as we get our children and ourselves ready for church and do it with joy and to the glory of God, worshiping God with the task at hand. It can be as I am up in the middle of the night with the little one, praying for his salvation, purity and that he would be a warrior for Christ one day. It’s when we wake up late on Sunday morning and we thank God for the extra rest and with joy hurry along our morning routine instead of begrudging disappointment that we are in a rush. It’s changing a diaper and singing to our sweeties, and when we are all in the car ready to go and the keys are nowhere to be seen, it’s remembering that the Lord has timing for everything and thinking maybe He was protecting us from something instead of blaming each other laugh and enjoy the ride.

I hope we all can do the tasks of mothers tomorrow and worship the Lord before we even get to church by having an attitude of Christ in all that we do and displaying Jesus to our littles in the midst of the crazy.

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