The Most Romantic Valentines Gift You Could Give Your Wife

The advertisements surrounding this time of year screams,  “The most romantic Valentines gift you could ever give your wife” but after you read this post, most women  would agree with me that this particular Valentine’s gift truly is the best.

My husband blessed me with this extraordinary gift on our first Valentine’s Day together. Here is an excerpt from the letter he presented to me,  “What I am giving you this Valentine’s Day and the rest of my life is my eyes. I have eyes for you and you alone.”

This gift was not chocolate that can be eaten in a day, flowers that wilt in a week,  or any other material gift. It was a written covenant he had given me that he made with the Lord  of his faithfulness to me and me alone.

Men….your wife desires you, your faithfulness, your eyes, your desire, your longing for them, your body, your mind that is having self control and faithfulness, and your body that is following in submission to that. But just these words will not do, she needs you to follow through. On this particular Valentine’s day,  my husband went beyond a precious note but then showed me his commitment to his faithfulness as he installed an accountability program on his internet devices that sends me a report weekly of what sites he visits. He already had a filter but wanted me to also see everything he was doing online, as just another way of accountability and to show his faithfulness.

So this Valentine’s Day,  search your heart,  find accountability,  and make a covenant with your eyes for your wife.


If you are interested in a software that has an amazing filter and sends weekly accountability reports to whomever is your accountability partner, then our family highly recommends Covenant Eyes software. This is what my sweet Patrick used and would recommend to all the many young men he discipled. Its great for all your kids as well and works great on handheld devices. You can sign up using this link and they will give any of my friends a free 30 days.

“I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.” Job 31:1


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  1. This is the most beautiful gift of covenant love I could ever imagine. Thank you for sharing with us, Brittany. Your Patrick’s life continues to change lives even after he has gone to be with Jesus. Amazing. Sending you lots of love and continued prayers.

  2. What a beautiful testimony Brittney!! You will not know this side of glory how this one act of selflessness will impact many people!! We are all so grateful for your willingness to be transparent through this unimaginable season in your life. I am so thankful for your willingness to be used by God!! It’s a beautiful thing!! Your wisdom is inspiring!!

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