Remember when……

Remember when you would cry when you had to shut the door and say goodbye to your fiancee because you longed for that day when you only had to say goodnight?

Now he is your husband and even though he is working long hours you at least get to lay your head next to your love at night and wake up to kiss him in the morning.

Remember when you and your husband prayed and longed for a precious child?

Now you are holding him and your days are filled with daily caring and nurturing of that answer to prayer.

Remember when you prayed for a healthy child?

Now as your baby isn’t sleeping or is tiring in temperament you can thank God for a baby that has the ability to cry and the health to live out the personality God has given him.

Remember when you used to dream of having a loving husband and a family?

Now you have that, it may look messy, exhausting at times and not perfect but it’s a treasure and gifting only God could have put together and daily its a dream fulfilled.

Sometimes remembering the things we used to long for helps us realize how blessed we are NOW. Lets take time to look back and see all the dreams fulfilled, its helps fill our hearts with thankfulness for the blessings of today.



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