My calling as a Mom

This morning as I was trying to get things cleaned up around the house, feed children and get started on my to do this, I kept getting interrupted to correct my little toddler. Finally had to give up my goal of being productive. I was frustrated in my mind that he wasn’t getting it as I was trying to communicate what a sweet attitude is and how what he was doing wasn’t that. After disciplining him, I told him how much I loved him and began rocking him and singing and praying over him. That’s when it hits me, every time. This is my calling. My calling isn’t to be the best house keeper, the most gourmet and organic cook, the most creative decorator or most excellent friend to everyone. Right now my calling is to mold hearts, attitudes, nurture, build up, encourage and show and share Jesus with two adorable blue eyed boys. So when my toddler fell asleep in my arms, instead of putting him in his bed, I held him. I cradled my sweet baby and savored every minute of that hour nap. I looked down at his long eye lashes and chubby cheeks and thanked God for my calling as a Mom. Instead of rushing through today I would just stop and thank God for these everyday blessings. I hope you take time today to remember your calling and thank God for the everyday blessings within it.



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