Life is more than your title and your tasks

Life is more than your job or your home. It’s more than that pile of laundry you see. It’s more than the meals you have to cook. It’s more than the to-do list that never gets accomplished. It’s more than the stressful project you have to get done. Life is more. 

God’s Word tells us that everything we see with our eyes is temporary but those things that we don’t see are of eternal significance. 

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18

The other night after several exhausting days filled with a lot of normal tasks as well as abnormal tasks, I was laying in bed going over my list in my head of what I had to do. Then it hit me and I looked over at my husband and said, “it doesn’t matter if everything gets done in the reality of eternity.” Sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks when I am overwhelmed, because most of the time the things that I am consumed with are things of temporal value. I was laying there in bed and was SO convicted by the thought, “how many times have I thought of anything of eternal value today?” I can become so consumed in the here and now and miss out on what God is doing in the heavenly places.

When was the last time I prayed with my child and for my child? When was the last time that I got on my knees and prayed for the persecuted church as if I were in chains with them? When was the last time I put away petty talk and had a conversation about Jesus and one of eternal significance? When was the last time I told someone about Jesus, who satisfies every need?

These are all great reminders that I need daily to remember to keep my heart and mind focused on the end result.

Praying that Jesus would stamp eternity on our eyeballs today and show us what truly matters.

“Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs.” Jonathan Edwards

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