Life in the mundane

The other night as I was folding laundry and thinking about how tired I was, the Lord was so gracious to remind me that life is made up of the mundane. I can either choose to do the mundane tasks with a joyful heart and serving the Lord through it or I can have a bad attitude. Ouch! That was convicting.

Every day, no matter how mundane, has eternal significance and I need to find hope and purpose in that. I want my boys to grow up and not just hear about the joy of the Lord but see with their eyes what it looks like–and that, my friend, is a hard task to do in all circumstances. The reality is, motherhood is a task the Lord has given me to teach me about holiness.

While I am cleaning a toilet I can be praying for my missionary friend or my other friend whose marriage is under attack; or when I am dealing with a scared or hurt baby I can teach him about how Jesus cares about every little hurt and when he is afraid he can call out His name. Instead of feeling completely burnt out and desiring a glamorous activity I can find joy and hope that the gospel applies to my everyday mundane.

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