Friday’s favorites

I thought it would be fun to share a little more of what’s going on with us so here is some Friday favorites.

My current favorite snack (well let’s be honest I always LOVE fruit)  

What I caught my son eating the other day for breakfast (yep it’s green onions)  

This week when asked if he is my sweet boy he responded “no I’m a dirty rat” and started laughing. 

Our favorite song of the week is the hymn “At the Cross”  (and they love doing the hand motions we made up for it too) and favorite book of the week seems to be Goodnight Moon. 

We have had many many blessings of this week but one I want to remember is that when asked what he is grateful for my two year old said “that we are all together” and I was reminded of what a gift it is to be together as a family and for my kids to see the gospel displayed in our marriage and family. 

The other day I was talking to my boy about what my wedding ring means and that night I asked my husband to ask him just to see what he would say and he said “it means mommy and daddy are committed for life.” May he know always that it’s not about feelings and love (although we have lots of that too) but it’s about a commitment we made for life.

Also lets not forget this guys favorite blankey no matter what day of the week. 

  Also have finally hit the stage in pregnancy (at almost 32 weeks) where I feel good so we are in project mode. My sweet husband is helping me accomplish things and organize in preparation of our new little arrival coming soon. Here is the boys at Home Depot, apparently they were uneasy about the driving situation. 

What are some of your Friday favorites ? Or special things you want to remember about this week? Im hoping these type posts will help me remember more things about our week. 

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