Everyday blessings in full days

everyday blesssings in full days


Waking up all through the night from my deep sleep to nurture and comfort that little one back to sleep, sacrificing my needs above theirs and realizing its only a season and I won’t be able to hold that little baby in my arms forever, this is an everyday blessing. A great reminder that many friends would love this opportunity to have a baby getting them up at night, they just desire a baby. Praying for those friends to be blessed with many children and for friends that lost a baby praying for the comfort for them that only Jesus can give.
Night time is a HUGE reminder to be still and take that quiet time to pray.

Hearing little pitter patter down our hallways as little feet run in and out of bedrooms “reorganizing” our life and teaching me that its ok to have books everywhere, just take the time to sit in the midst of them and read to my babies.

Cleaning oatmeal from everywhere and thanking God for the little hands that collect the messes, a funny reminder of God answering my prayer to fill my home with children.

Hearing sweet giggles coming from the other room and seeing the toddler kissing and tickling the baby just the way he saw me do earlier. A great reminder that they watch everything I do, so be an example of a mommy desperate for Jesus in all that we do.

Reading the same book to my child ten times a day and they are SO thankful for it. No matter how many times they have read it they listen with an eager ear. Great reminder to find pleasure in everyday blessings and repetition.

Hearing phrases about “Dadhe” (aka Daddy) all day long and thanking the Lord for the gift of an intentional husband who loves our kids and leads them in example to Christ.

Turning on music and seeing them dance crazy and not care what people think, they will have fun and enjoy life. Grateful they show us what blessing and fun you can have in the midst of being tired and the kitchen being dirty.

Watching the baby do new things everyday and being reminded that we all grow in life. Thanking God for what He has done to grow me and asking that He will continue that sanctifying journey.<a

Hearing the garage door start to open and little feet running to see “Dadhe” and grabbing a kiss when he walks through the door, reminds me to be thankful for a hard working loving husband who comes home everyday.

Laying our babies down at night praying over their little souls and treasuring the enormous gift that we can pray to the God of the Universe and He hears our cry and cares about each request. In the midst of a full day we can be reminded that life is more that our tasks, life is all about eternity.

My days are full but my heart is even MORE FULL with the sweet treasures God has entrusted me with. These are just a couple of the everyday blessings I get to experience.

What are some everyday blessings you get to experience?





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