Captive in Iran- Book Review

Captive in Iran is a book telling the true story of two believers who were locked up in Evin prison in Iran for their faith. It’s a gripping story of faith that moves your heart and strengthens your desire to know The Lord.

This book was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. I could hardly put it down and spent several late nights reading it.

What I love about this book is that during the time of their imprisonment, people all over the world were praying for their release, and I had a picture of one of these ladies in my kitchen and prayed for her often. So it was an amazing privilege to see God release them and then to meet them in the United States in person and tell them how I had been interceding for them. (This picture was taken not long after I had my first son 🙂 )

captive in iran

I could go on and on about this great book but instead I just want you to read it and for your faith to be strengthened as a result.


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