Betty Crocker and Real life

This is a picture of our dinner the other night (chicken cutlets, homemade biscuits, butterbeans, roasted spiced potatoes and salad). I wanted to post this picture for you to know this is NOT typical at my house. Instead of you seeing this picture and thinking “wow they must eat gourmet all the time” I want you to see this picture and know that we DON’T. First of all, we couldn’t afford it and I couldn’t afford the time it takes to make it. I want you to know we may have eaten this way last night but the night before that we ate breakfast for dinner and the night before that we had leftovers.

On social media we tend to see everyone’s highlights and not the lowlights and the daily grind. Sometimes I just want to post a picture of my house right before nap time and say this is real life, a mess but a beautiful mess that represents a precious little toddler life was running around and getting into everything. I want to battle some of my flesh and pride that desires for people to know how great we are and how great of a mom I am and instead encourage you and let you know how I don’t have it all together and we are all just in this together. So  Instead of posting how my child willfully ate broccoli and raw spinach last night I want to tell you that the meal before that consisted of crackers and raisins because that’s all I could get him to eat.  Maybe you can relate?

Or instead of  posting a picture of those beautiful flowers my neighbors brought me, and waiting until my kitchen is perfectly clean to do so I am going to post a picture of my beautiful and productive mess and my adorable little sous chef, and me in my daily attire with my hair thrown up and t-shirt and shorts. This is life around here.

My little sues chef, flour mustache and all.

 May you’d be encouraged that there is no perfect mom out there. We are all in this together doing real life. We may have had a super productive day or a very yummy meal but that isn’t every day, so sometimes we may just want to take a picture to remember it by.

Here’s to admitting I am not Betty Crocker and sometimes my real life looks like popcorn and apple slices for lunch. 🙂

PS: Just for kicks and giggles and to get on my husband’s nerves I dressed my little boy in an apron and put his hair up and said “this is why I need a girl.” Hope you get a giggle out of that one!

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