6 Things to Help you get through “Survivalville”

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Here are a couple of tips if you are wading through the waters of sleepless nights, sickness, trials or another difficultly that is placing you in the city of survivallville. I feel like our family just got out of  it and then sometimes I think we have other weeks where we are visiting there again, so these are just practically things that helped me along the way.

1) Set goals for each day. Even if it is only 3 little goals and one of them is getting out of bed and getting dressed, it will help you to have something to work towards in the day and will make you feel productive even if you just accomplished one little thing.

2) Let things go that don’t matter.  If you were up 6 times last night and feel like you are barely awake and need to nurture and take care of you little one , then its ok that your house doesn’t look perfect and you don’t have gourmet meals. I remember my husband telling me that he would much rather me get a nap and be rested then have the house looking great. Let your pride and perfectionist go and love on your baby and take a nap WITHOUT guilt. The house will always be there, and will always need something but right now you just need to make it through the day without too many breakdowns 😉

3) Receive help.  If you are anything like me and you struggle with pride then this one is a toughy. When you are exhausted and can barely function and a family member or a close friend offer to help in some way, its ok to take them up on it. People want to bless you and want to help you get through this season. During our 8 months of very difficult sleepless nights, my mother called me one morning and suggested that I bring my sweet baby over to her house and just take a nap there. I took her up on it and she took care and loved on my little mister and I got a wonderful and MUCH needed nap which in turned helped me be a better and more rested mother. Its ok to admit you don’t have everything together and that sometimes you need help.

4) Be honest of your struggle. As believers I feel like we can pretend that we always have it together, and then we crowd out the room with yourself and leave no room for the Holy Spirit and other believers to encourage us. As you are honest of your difficult time you will be amazed that you are not the only person going through it. There is comfort and encouragement knowing you are not alone. During our difficult eating and sleeping trial I had a sweet friend who was also having sleepless nights and we were able to pray for each other and send texts of encouragement along the way.

5) Don’t numb it with media. Yes you are tired. Yes its easier to scroll through facebook then read your bible or just sit and hear from the Lord or just rock your baby without the phone in your hand. But too much social media can cause you to have a much more difficult time as it can sometimes breed jealousy, discontentment and suck your precious time where you could rest. Be cautious and seek accountability from your husband or close friend if this is something that you struggle with.

6) Cry out to the Lord and lean on HIM for everything! He is our source of strength. Scripture even says the youth grow tired and weary but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength…… (Read Isaiah 40:30-31.) So ask the Lord for strength and make sure during this difficult time that you are asking the Lord to teach you and learn to depend on Him. During our MANY sleepless months I felt like the Lord would speak so clearly to show me my sin and my desperate need for Him.

Hope this is an encouragement to everyone in survivallville! Your not alone and this soon will pass but don’t grudge through it with contempt wade through with hope.

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