God is Greater than Grief

Grief, it feels like a life-altering sickness that throbs with pain so deep you think you may die. It’s something that will always bear a deep scar, will never be forgotten or ignored. But God is greater than grief. He promises to bind up our deep wounds and heal broken hearts. He never said he would remove it all together but that viagra online usa He would provide healing.

Healing doesn’t mean forgotten. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge scar that screams pain was there. It just means it’s not bleeding anymore. Not pulsing with crippling pain. Healing means stable not unseen. It means more peace and less grief. It means a Healer came who cared for His patient. He bound up the wounds that were open and made it possible to live. Not without the memory of the day their world stopped, but a memory of a Healer who cared enough to not let them stay there forever.

I’m trusting Him, expecting Him and thanking Him for being a Healer. Although I’m still pulsing with pain, He is here caring for me and binding up my wounds. One day the bleeding with stop and my heart will be able to beat more in rhythm, even thought it will never beat the same. I will be forever changed. There will always be a visible scar, some days reminding me of more pain then others. One day I will be able to look at it as a beautiful reminder of the gift from the Healer, a promise of eternity, a suffering that produced beauty, a restored wound. But until that day I will try and focus on the Healer-especially when the pain feels too great to breathe. I will rest in the truth that although the hurt is great, the Healer is greater. I will choose to believe that the Great Physician won’t keep me here forever. He sees the pain, He cares and He is preparing the bandages of hope, one truth at a time.

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